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The Return of Shelter Sunday: Diva / Sanctuary Animal Rescue / Alabaster, AL

Diva / Sanctuary Animal Rescue
Diva / Sanctuary Animal Rescue

Meet Diva! Diva is a 3 year old pit mix. She’s super sweet and loves a good run around the yard playing. She’s a great snuggler and is quiet in the house. Diva doesn’t like to share her family, so she must be an only dog. She requires a fully fenced yard (no pens, no invisible fencing, no apartments). She loves to go on long walks or hikes and is very adventurous. Diva is as loyal as they come. She bonds quickly with her person and showers them with her never ending hugs and kisses.

Please submit a questionnaire for my website if you’re interested in meeting her. We do not do out-of-state adoptions, so you must be in Alabama in order to qualify to adopt.

Diva is available from Sanctuary Animal Rescue in Alabaster, AL. Access their Adoption Questionnaire.

If you live in Alabama, why not contact Sanctuary Animal Rescue to find out more about Diva and her friends?

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Good day, and good dog!

every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man

Photo courtesy GoFundMe
Photo courtesy GoFundMe
From WEWS in Cleveland: Meet Sir Darius Brown. This handsome 13-year old makes bow ties to help animals get adopted from shelters.

Born with a fine motor delay, Sir Darius needed a project to help him catch up. His mom, a hairdresser, enlisted his help to make hair bows, but soon realized he needed something more. She gave him the supplies to make bow ties, at first for himself, then for shelter animals who arrived in New Jersey from the south after Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. Continue reading every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man

I Knew I Liked Coors Light

BigStockPhoto.  No dogs became drunk at this photo shoot.
BigStockPhoto. No dogs became drunk at this photo shoot.

Yesterday I posted that Kansas City Chiefs’ defensive tackle, Derrick Nnadi had pledged to pay the adoption fees of every dog in the KC Pet Project shelter. Not to be outdone, Coors Light is now promising to help with adoption fees across the country from now until February 21, 2020. Here’s how it works: Continue reading I Knew I Liked Coors Light

Shelter Sunday: Next Comes January

From our friends at PetsInc.org.
January shelters

If you gifted a dog to someone for Christmas or Hanukkah, remember that dog’s well-being is at least partially your responsibility. A dog is a 10 – 15 year addition to the family, not an “until” commitment. If the person who has the dog only wants to keep him or her UNTIL they move, UNTIL the baby comes, or UNTIL they become tired of the animal, stuffed is makes a better gift.

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Shelter Sunday: Not Quite A Milk Carton

Photo:  Rich Pronge/12News
Photo: WKYC.com
You know how they put missing children on milk cartons to increase the chances they will be found? Well Marika Meeks, founder of Incredibull Stella Rescue, thought it would be cool if rescue dogs had more exposure, too. According to a story on WKYC.com, she has partnered with her local Papa John’s franchisee to put adoptable dogs on pizza boxes throughout the Scottsdale, AZ valley.

Bubba, the first pizza box dog, was adopted within two weeks of his premiere.

What a great idea!

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Another Overflowing Shelter

I shared several days ago two shelters who were overflowing due to specific situations of hoarding. Now WFAA reports the Ft. Worth shelter is bulging at the seams, but it’s due to too many people voluntarily surrendering their animals because they can’t keep them anymore. So many people, they actually had a line, processing as many as 99 new intakes a day at one point. Continue reading Another Overflowing Shelter