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3rd Annual Make A Dog’s Day is October 22, 2021

Dogs with physical differences on the outside are still one-hundred percent dog on the inside. Maybe they’re missing an eye, or a leg, but they’re not missing heart. All this month, Subaru is proud to be celebrating shelter dogs with special needs. These incredible Underdogs may be the last ones to be adopted, but they’ll be the first ones into your heart. And, as this commercial demonstrates, these inspiring Underdogs can still do all the great things we love about dogs. Consider adopting today. Continue reading 3rd Annual Make A Dog’s Day is October 22, 2021

Shelter Sunday: Special Needs Finley / New Digs for Dogs Rescue / North Haverhill, NH

Finley NH

Meet Finley! This beautiful girl has some very special needs, but I’m confident there’s a very special family out there somewhere for her. Here’s what her rescuers have to say about her:

Finley is 3 years old and about 45 pounds. She is a mixed breed.
Finley came to us a very fearful puppy. We have done a ton of work with her, but she is afraid of almost everything. She is jumpy at loud noises, like if you drop something.
She is ok with us, but even after years of trying, she is still very afraid of strangers.
Finley is a big barker. She barks at the neighbors, she barks anytime she is afraid of something.
The time she is most at ease is when she is playing with the other dogs.
I know it is a stretch that she will find the right home, but maybe one is out there. Continue reading Shelter Sunday: Special Needs Finley / New Digs for Dogs Rescue / North Haverhill, NH

Special Needs Dogs

Lab Rescue Helen
Helen. Photo courtesy Lab Rescue


The Fairfax County Times had this sweet article about special needs dogs, written from the perspective of the author’s (Allen Pearson) dog, Noah. They also pen the blog at www.fromthedogspaw.com I’m reproducing the article in its entirety in hopes it will help the cause of getting special needs pets adopted. Continue reading Special Needs Dogs

Saturday Survey: Yellow Dog Project

I posted earlier this week about the Yellow Dog Project, where people whose dogs need a little space put yellow ribbons on their leashes to warn people to approach with caution. It was something I had never heard of before – how about you?

Had you heard of the Yellow Dog Project before this week?

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Shelter Sunday: Deaf Dane Rescue / Oakridge, Oregon

Em is a recent arrival at Deaf Dane Rescue in Oakridge, Oregon. She is 9 months old and very sweet, but she is rather timid. She is a wiggly girl, always wagging her tail so hard her whole body is wiggling. She has some potty training issues which we will be working on. She has peed in the house a few times. She has a hard time holding it all night sometimes. She is a sweet baby and wants so much to please. All she needs is some time, and a loving home.

Continue reading Shelter Sunday: Deaf Dane Rescue / Oakridge, Oregon