Oh My Dog

Just found this on my facebook page.  Beware of Oh My Dog, a supposed dog rescue organization!!!  I hear they are now living in Medina, Ohio.

ATTENTION ALL RESCUES!!!! Beware of a rescue calling themselves OMD or Oh My Dog. 1) they are not licensed. 2) They are hunting through Craigslist and other sites finding free to good home dogs, cheap dogs then flipping them for profit. 3) They have been banned by some municipal shelters for doing the same thing with their foster dogs. They have been operating out of the Hall County Georgia area, but have recently pulled up stakes and headed to Ohio , abandoning all of the dogs they were supposedly “rescuing”! One dog was found at a local dog park, emaciated and abandoned! Please share and tag as many rescues as you can!!! Their website is ohmydogrescue.com.  (I’m not including a link because I don’t want our site linked with theirs if the above allegation is true.)   Using the names Jimmy Tench and Aubree Homes. Also have used the name Jimmy Homes (to skip out out vet bills)

Please comment below if you’ve had experience with this group.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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