Tuesday Top Ten: Ways to Celebrate National Pet Month

shutterstock_188725430May is National Pet Month! Here are our top ten ways to celebrate.

10. Volunteer to pet sit. Do you have a friend or family member who’s traveling this spring? Offer to pet sit. It will relieve their worries about leaving their dog, and will give you a way to spend time with your favorite species.
9. Foster a rescue dog. Rescue organizations are always in need of foster families. Why not offer to take in one or two. You won’t be stuck with a long-term commitment, unless you decide to adopt the animals you foster.
8. Play with your dogs. What dog couldn’t use a little more play time? Make some extra time this month to play tug, fetch, or even just to take your dog for a walk.
7. Train your dog to do something new. Whether you want to get involved in agility or another sport, or just get your dog to behave a little bit better, your dog will love the challenge.
6. Share the love! Take your dog to a school, nursing home, or hospital (ask first!) and share the love only a dog can bring into someone’s life while they’re going through a rough patch.
5. Educate people about the importance of spaying and neutering. Check out the Spay / Neuter Coalition for information you can share with others.
4. Donate money to your local shelter. They can always use the extra capital to expand their adoption programs and care for more animals.
3. Donate supplies to a shelter or rescue. Most of them have a wish list on their websites, but good ideas include paper towels, old bath towels, newspapers, dog food, leashes, collars, and toys.
2. Donate time to a shelter or rescue. Shelters and rescues need volunteers to clean the kennels, bathe the dogs, walk the dogs, and play with them.
1. Adopt a new family member. It’s never the wrong time to bring a new dog into your home. Their lives could depend on it.

Thanks to PetFinder.com for introducing this important topic on their website.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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