Ways You Can Help Harvey Animal Victims

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If you’re looking for a way you can help, here are some resources:

Donate to the ASPCA, which is performing water rescue, emergency sheltering and relocation efforts for the areas where animals may need our help most.

Donate to AKC Reunite, which is providing resources, support, funds, and other assistance to not-for-profit animal shelters and similar not-for-profit organizations providing care for domestic animals orphaned or displaced as a result of natural or civil disasters. Barbara and Bob Amen (Delegate, Greater St. Louis Training Club), have issued a Challenge Grant, which will match donations to AKC Reunite’s Pet Disaster Relief Fund up to $10,000 total.

If you live in the area and have found a stray pet, report it on Weather.com.

Find out if your local shelter is clearing space to house Texas victims. If so, offer to foster or adopt their existing animals so they have more capacity to help. Even far away shelters are helping out, so it’s worth it to ask, even if you don’t live in Texas.

I’m so pleased to see so many animals being included in the rescue efforts in Texas. That’s not always the case. I even saw on Facebook that one family is opening up their ranch to horses in need, and allowing families to bring in RVs so they can stay close to their animals. I have lost that link, if anyone saw it and wants to share it in the comments.

The need is so great, and so many of us are so richly blessed. Please help if you can.

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