Good News About Euthanasia

Sample Shelter Euthanasia Rates (Cats & Dogs) Graphs from NY Times
Graphs from NY Times

From the New York Times: Euthanasia rates at large city shelters have fallen steadily over the past several decades due to a number of factors. Spaying and neutering has arguably had the biggest impact, which means that fewer animals are being taken to shelters in the first place.

Adoptions have also increased as people have come to realize the benefits of #AdoptDontShop. In addition, animals are now routinely transported from areas of the country that have overflowing shelters (the south) to areas where adoptable animals are in shorter supply (north and east).

The proliferation of rescue groups with volunteers who can take in animals to foster, help with posting engaging adoption pleas, and increase a shelter’s capacity by helping care for the animals has also helped.

Not mentioned in the article, but in my opinion equally important, has been the rise of the internet, allowing shelters to educate people about spay, neuter, and adoption, as well as to advertise available dogs. Posts can easily be shared to people far and wide who may be interested in a particular dog.

You can read the whole article and see the rest of the graphs here.

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