Helping Hurricane Sandy’s Animal Victims

How many of you have or have had a dog named Sandy? The name always makes me think of the scruffy little dog in Annie and the Lil Orphan Annie cartoon. Anyways, I received the below e-mail from Barry at Dig and Bark, so thought I would pass it along. I’ve ordered from them before and was very happy with both the quality and the service.

As everyone can see on the news, hurricane Sandy hit the northeast hard. Many shelters in those areas were already struggling with too many animals and with the hard economic times.

We want to help. So for the next few days, we will donate 10% from all purchases on our website to area animal shelters. This will help them buy food or make repairs to their facilities.

In addition, we are also offering you a 10% discount on your purchase. Please use coupon code “SANDY” during check out.

We will be offering this until Tuesday Nov. 6th for now. But we will most likely extend this longer.

Thanks for helping and take care of each other.

Kudos to Dig and Bark for being part of the solution!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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