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The Journey Home: A Rescue Waggin Story

Check out this video from PetSmart Charities’ Rescue Waggin, in honor of October being Adopt a Shelter Dog month.

The film tells the uplifting story of two homeless dogs, Izzy, a shepherd-chow mix, and Kane, a hound, on what was literally the ride of their lives from the streets of Chattanooga, Tenn. to a shelter in Milwaukee, Wis. where the dogs found their forever homes.
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Food Stamps for Your Dog

What a great idea!

From the Pet Food Stamps website: There are over 50 million Americans who currently receive Food Stamps, many with dogs or cats, who simply cannot afford to feed their animals, and these cherished companions are dropped off at animal shelters where they will most likely be put to sleep. Many people are also forced to choose between feeding their pets or themselves. A recent New York Times article states that “animal shelters have reported a steep rise in the number of cats and dogs being surrendered as owners face unemployment, home foreclosures, evictions and other financial hardships.” As more families struggle with difficult choices like paying the rent or buying food, some have to choose between keeping their pet and putting food on the table.. Seven million pets are surrendered to shelters each year due to the inability of pet parents to pay for food, with four million of those pets put to sleep. The Pet Food Stamps program aims to eliminate the needless death of these loving pets and keep families together.

The Pet Food Stamps program is not a government program and exclusively funds its operation from donations from individuals, business and foundation grants. We are able to eliminate the heart-wrenching decision of surrendering a pet by making sure these pet owners are given free home deliveries of Pet Food to maintain the health, vitality and companionship of their pets.

And kudos to PetFlow the independent online retailer that is the exclusive provider of pet food for the Pet Food Stamps program. PetFlow carries approximately 200 brands of pet products and has been chosen based on their ability to offer discounted pricing and free shipping, direct to home. If you don’t need free food through this program, you can still shop at PetFlow. They offer $10 off any $40+ scheduled order with code PFS, plus free shipping on any delivery schedule over $49+ (after discount). You can choose to have your pet’s food delivered from every 2 weeks to every 16 weeks and can change, cancel or edit your upcoming deliveries at any time.

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Snoop Dogg helping to end shelter euthanasia

Photo from Dog For Dog
Photo from Dog For Dog
We’ve heard for years about shelters that have to put dogs down because they don’t have enough space. Now some advocates are saying that the real problem in really a lack of food. So rapper Snoop Dogg is partnering with Dog for Dog, a dog food company that donates one bag of food to shelters for every bag of food sold.

This is really a Godsend for Dog for Dog, because the company does not advertise its products in any traditional sense, preferring instead to use their money to donate food to shelters. So they have to rely on word of mouth and the buzz created when celebrities like Snoop Dogg begin buying their food and publicizing their cause.

Other celebrity supporters include Michael Buble and Chelsea Handler.

What a cool cause to support!

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Helping Hurricane Sandy’s Animal Victims

How many of you have or have had a dog named Sandy? The name always makes me think of the scruffy little dog in Annie and the Lil Orphan Annie cartoon. Anyways, I received the below e-mail from Barry at Dig and Bark, so thought I would pass it along. I’ve ordered from them before and was very happy with both the quality and the service.
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Tuesday Top Ten: Reasons to Support Our 4-Legged Soldiers

Now that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been off the front page of the newspaper for awhile, it’s easy to forget we have brave men and women giving their lives for our freedom.   Whether or not you support the wars, I think we can all agree we need to support our troops, including those who happen to have four legs.

An organization from New Jersey called Support Our 4-Legged Soldiers gives you an opportunity to do just that.  Here’s our top ten reasons why you ought to donate if you can.

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