We can all take lessons from this 6-year old dog lover

This just in from Moss Point, MS:  six-year old Logan Brown wants no birthday presents, just food for the local animal shelter.

How proud would you be if your kid was the subject of this article?  According to WLOX-13 in Southern Mississippi, Logan was working with his mom on planning his sixth birthday party when they came to the realization that he had just about every toy he could possibly want.  At that point, he decided he’d rather his guests came armed with pet food for the local animal shelter than with gifts for him.

It sounds as if his mother originally came up with the idea – wanting to teach her son about the joy of giving and helping those left fortunate – but it didn’t take much convincing to get Logan on board with the plan.  He states he would like to someday live with how many dogs and cats?  “Four and six”.

The Jackson County Animal Shelter is thrilled to have the gift.  They are hopeful it will both prove and further their efforts to teach children about the importance of taking good care of animals so they can hopefully spend a lifetime as responsible pet owners.

What a great story to start out our week!
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4 thoughts on “We can all take lessons from this 6-year old dog lover”

  1. Learning how to share, A good start for a 6-year old. There’s also a Third World of animals everywhere, but thank goodness, there’s also awareness of that.

  2. wonderful story. Every year, my husband and I take food, toys and blankets to the local shelter in our city. As dog lovers, it breaks out hearts to see all of them without homes and love, but we feel so much better visiting the “no kill” shelter and just giving a little. If more people would open their wallets and hearts, there would not be as many homeless and abused animals. People that abuse anything should be punished severly.

  3. A thoughtful, generous and caring little six year old will later grow up to be a
    thoughtful, generous and caring adult. The world can’t have enough of them!

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