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“Leftover” pets from Hurricane Sandy

What do you do when a hurricane displaces you from your home and you can’t take your dog to the hotel or shelter where your family is staying? One option is to drop your dog off at an emergency shelter, such as that operated by the ASPCA in Brooklyn. Nearly 300 animals were taken to the emergency shelter immediately following the storm. The problem is, only about half of these animals got picked up after the storm was over.
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Helping Hurricane Sandy’s Animal Victims

How many of you have or have had a dog named Sandy? The name always makes me think of the scruffy little dog in Annie and the Lil Orphan Annie cartoon. Anyways, I received the below e-mail from Barry at Dig and Bark, so thought I would pass it along. I’ve ordered from them before and was very happy with both the quality and the service.
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