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How Old Is Your Dog?

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When trying to compare your dog’s age to human age, it’s one year in a dog’s life equals seven human years, right? Not so fast there, you!

The American Veterinary Medical Association breaks it down a little differently. They say at the end of a dog’s first year of life, s/he is the equivalent of a human teenager, about 15 years. In the second year, growth and development slows down a bit, adding about nine human years to take your dog to early adulthood, about the equivalent of a 24-year old person. Beyond that, every calendar year adds about five human years’ worth of aging. Continue reading How Old Is Your Dog?

AKC Temperament Testing

Group Of Three Dogs Boxer, Jack Russell And A CrossbreedFrom the Dog Lady’s mailbag: The American Kennel Club (AKC®), the world’s largest purebred dog registry and leading advocate for dogs, is proud to announce the AKC Temperament Test™ (ATT). The ATT is open to all breeds, including mixed breed dogs.

The temperament of any dog is an important characteristic. Temperament is a dog’s natural predisposition to react a certain way to a stimulus. The AKC Temperament Test includes test items in the following six categories: social, auditory, visual, tactile (touch), proprioceptive (motion), and an unexpected stimulus. Continue reading AKC Temperament Testing

Service Dogs in Training Attend Theater

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Free performance of Billy Elliot: The Musical? Why can’t I be a service dog in training? is reporting on a group of future service dogs who attended a relaxed performance designed for those sensitive to lights and sounds at the Stratford Festival. Continue reading Service Dogs in Training Attend Theater