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Friday Funny: Watchdog, Sort Of

Husky sounds
Photo credit: K9s4cops.org Facebook page.

This is pretty much how it works at my house. I installed a new doorbell that rings Westminster Chimes, rather than a regular ding-dong sound, and my dogs haven’t yet caught on that the new sound means someone’s at the door. If I do it right, I can lock them in the back room and make it to the door before they realize we have company. But somehow they never miss the sound of the refrigerator opening.

Is it the same at your house?

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

Bella the dog saves home from robbers

Bella was apparently outside her South Africa home alone when her neighbors got robbed. But when the same criminals tried to break into Bella’s house, she attacked them in the garden, and was stabbed in the head for her efforts. I’m putting the picture “below the fold” because you need to know it’s pretty horrifying. You may want to finish your breakfast before you scroll down.
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Wednesday’s Wild, Wacky World of Dog News

Dateline: Akron, Ohio.  What do you do when a burglar breaks into your house?  Of course, you run into a bedroom, call the police, and hide.

Luckily, when this happened to an Akron resident recently, she thought to take her dog with her into the bedroom.  As the thief was gathering together the stuff he wanted to take, he wandered into the bedroom where they were hiding…and the dog CHARGED him!  The dog chased the burglar out of the home, into the arms of police who had just arrived on the scene.

Good dog!  What kind of reward can you give a dog for that kind of help?

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Good day, and good dog!