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No Puppies Under The Tree

BigStock Photo
BigStock Photo

As Christmas creeps ever closer, it’s time for my annual reminder that puppies make lousy gifts. Like bunnies after Easter, puppies end up being abandoned in droves soon after the holiday excitement fades.

Although everybody loves a cute, cuddly puppy, many people aren’t prepared to have their carpets peed upon, and their shoes chewed up. Continue reading No Puppies Under The Tree

Friday Funny (Video): Toy Hoarder

When Franklin, Massachusetts police noticed toys were missing from their donation box, they never dreamed it would be their own dog who was stealing them! Golden Retriever Ben Franklin is a therapy dog who apparently thought all toys were his because he’s such a good boy! Officer Cusson investigated and was able to catch Ben on camera, in the act. He subsequently posted the video on the PD Facebook page, making the dog an Internet sensation!

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