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Dogs Making a Difference: Jackson

Photo courtesy AKC

From the AKC: Dogs have been known to increase happiness, reduce stress levels, and improve overall health in people. During this unprecedented time, dogs have been a source of relief and happiness for their human counterparts. In an effort to recognize dogs doing outstanding things during the global crisis we are facing, the AKC has awarded three wonderful dogs who have been spreading joy in their communities with the AKC Paw of Courage award. Continue reading Dogs Making a Difference: Jackson

Friday Funny (Video): Toy Hoarder

When Franklin, Massachusetts police noticed toys were missing from their donation box, they never dreamed it would be their own dog who was stealing them! Golden Retriever Ben Franklin is a therapy dog who apparently thought all toys were his because he’s such a good boy! Officer Cusson investigated and was able to catch Ben on camera, in the act. He subsequently posted the video on the PD Facebook page, making the dog an Internet sensation!

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Does Your Dog Have a College Degree?

Meet Chief! You may remember him from a viral photo that was on social media during March Madness. Now, he has graduated from UMBC, along with his human, Erica Haschert. ” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>WBAL-TV reports they will soon be starting work at the Department of Defense.

Congrats to Erica, Chief, and all those who are graduating!

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