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Puppy Socializers

Guide Dog Helping Blind Person With Long Cane Going Down Stairs

Do you love puppies, but can’t take on the life-long responsibility of another dog right now? Why not consider fostering and socializing for an assistance dog charity?

Puppy socializers take in puppies destined to be guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for the deaf, or physical assistance dogs for the physically challenged. They may also be used as support dogs for those with autism or other mentally debilitating conditions like PTSD. Continue reading Puppy Socializers

AKC Temperament Testing

Group Of Three Dogs Boxer, Jack Russell And A CrossbreedFrom the Dog Lady’s mailbag: The American Kennel Club (AKC®), the world’s largest purebred dog registry and leading advocate for dogs, is proud to announce the AKC Temperament Test™ (ATT). The ATT is open to all breeds, including mixed breed dogs.

The temperament of any dog is an important characteristic. Temperament is a dog’s natural predisposition to react a certain way to a stimulus. The AKC Temperament Test includes test items in the following six categories: social, auditory, visual, tactile (touch), proprioceptive (motion), and an unexpected stimulus. Continue reading AKC Temperament Testing

Service Dogs in Training Attend Theater

Courtesy CNN
Free performance of Billy Elliot: The Musical? Why can’t I be a service dog in training? is reporting on a group of future service dogs who attended a relaxed performance designed for those sensitive to lights and sounds at the Stratford Festival. Continue reading Service Dogs in Training Attend Theater

5 Reasons You Should Get Your Next Dog from a Reputable Breeder

Photo:  Golden Meadows
Photo: Golden Meadows
We welcome guest blogger Kevin Brenden to the blog today, writing on behalf of Golden Meadows, a Vizsla and Golden Retriever breeder out of Southern California.

[Editor’s Note: As regular readers of this blog know, I always encourage people to adopt dogs from local shelters rather than buying puppies. However, I also recognize that many of my readers are interested in show dogs or have other reasons for looking at professionally bred puppies. So, I’m happy to present this post telling you why finding a reputable breeder is important.]

That said, here are The Primary Benefits of Choosing a Pet from a Trustworthy Breeder
Continue reading 5 Reasons You Should Get Your Next Dog from a Reputable Breeder

Police Dog Not a Fan of Rappelling

Vancouver rapellingThe Vancouver Police Department raised more than a few eyebrows recently when their Facebook photo of a K-9 team rappelling down a building face went viral. The caption read, “Hey dad… This rappelling? Yuh, I’m not a fan.” In Canada they are called Police Service Dogs rather than K9s, and this dog is named PSD Niko.
Continue reading Police Dog Not a Fan of Rappelling

2015 Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge Western Regionals

Those incredible dogs are at it again! Tune into Livestream on Saturday, May 30th from 2 – 9 pm to catch all the action in weave poles, small and large dog agility, diving dog, Jack Russell Hurdle Racing, Fetch It, and Freestyle flying disc.

Get a preview of the events on the Purina Pro Plan website. (The video here is from the 2014 National Finals in the Jack Russell Hurdle Racing.)

I can’t wait!

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Good Training Saves Dog’s Life

Drug Dealing Guard Dog Gives Up To Cops
Photo: Europics

How well does your dog follow commands? Even if they are given by strangers? You’d better start teaching him now!

When Brazilian police entered a house during a drug raid, they yelled for everyone to get on the ground. Apparently, they were a little startled when they were obeyed, not only by the drug runners, but also by their dog!

The police in Brazil are known for shooting dogs when they get in the way of a drug raid. This dog obediently followed their commands and his life was spared!

Good dog!

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