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How Uncomfortable Is Your Dog?

From the Twitter feed of the League for Animal Welfare:

League for Animal Welfare
League for Animal Welfare

Dogs are typically excellent communicators – and it’s our job to pay attention to what they are saying!

They will give you lots of signs that they’re feeling uncomfortable. If you ignore their first signs, dogs may have to increase their level of communication until you hear them.

It is incredibly rare that a dog bites before giving you about 10 other signs that they’re in a situation that makes them scared or frustrated.

For your safety and theirs – learn those signs, and pay attention when they communicate them to you!

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Good advice and a great graphic to help you remember.

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Treat Ball Game

tennismuffintin-850x571We often recommend keeping your dog mentally stimulated during the day if you are away from home. It keeps the dog from engaging in boredom behaviors like chewing, digging, and excessive barking. Here’s an innovative idea to make him or her think about where the next meal is coming from.

Put a few pieces of kibble or treats in some, but not all, of the sections of a muffin tin, then cover every section with a tennis ball. The dog must remove the balls to find the food. S/he can then play with the balls after eating.

Also good for dogs who eat too fast.

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5 Reasons You Should Get Your Next Dog from a Reputable Breeder

Photo:  Golden Meadows
Photo: Golden Meadows
We welcome guest blogger Kevin Brenden to the blog today, writing on behalf of Golden Meadows, a Vizsla and Golden Retriever breeder out of Southern California.

[Editor’s Note: As regular readers of this blog know, I always encourage people to adopt dogs from local shelters rather than buying puppies. However, I also recognize that many of my readers are interested in show dogs or have other reasons for looking at professionally bred puppies. So, I’m happy to present this post telling you why finding a reputable breeder is important.]

That said, here are The Primary Benefits of Choosing a Pet from a Trustworthy Breeder
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