5 Reasons You Should Get Your Next Dog from a Reputable Breeder

Photo:  Golden Meadows
Photo: Golden Meadows
We welcome guest blogger Kevin Brenden to the blog today, writing on behalf of Golden Meadows, a Vizsla and Golden Retriever breeder out of Southern California.

[Editor’s Note: As regular readers of this blog know, I always encourage people to adopt dogs from local shelters rather than buying puppies. However, I also recognize that many of my readers are interested in show dogs or have other reasons for looking at professionally bred puppies. So, I’m happy to present this post telling you why finding a reputable breeder is important.]

That said, here are The Primary Benefits of Choosing a Pet from a Trustworthy Breeder

While many families choose to adopt pets from their local animal shelter, you may prefer a purebred pup for your household. Rather than question or rethink your decision, you should consider the top five reasons for why you should get your next dog from a reputable breeder.

1. Pure Bloodline

Many dog breeders specialize in breeding pups with the purest of bloodlines. Their dogs do not have any interbreeding or mixing of genes that could create a dog that is nonconforming in its looks or performance.

A pure bloodline can be crucial when you want a dog for hunting, sporting, or show purposes. You want to know that your pup will have the appearance and skills needed to carry out your expectations of it. For example, if you want a dog that you can take along on bird hunts, you want to know that your new pup comes from a bloodline that exhibits good retrieval skills, speed, and agility.

2. Parents on Premises

Another reason to consider getting a dog from a reputable breeder involves being able to see the pup’s parents on the spot. Many breeders have the mother and sometimes the sire available so that you can see them before buying the puppy. Ensuring that the mother and sire dogs are healthy and strong can give you the confidence that your new pup likewise will grow up to exhibit the same physical characteristics of its parents.

3. Temperament

Breeders also create pups to have good temperaments so that they will become valuable assets to their new owners. When you adopt from a shelter, you can never know for sure how your dog will react toward you and your family.

A dog that comes from a reputable breeder typically has been created to possess temperaments that satisfy your expectations and requirements for a new pet. You can even assume what kind of temperament it will have by looking at and spending time with the pup’s parents before buying it.

4. Documentation and Registration

If you want to show or use your dog for sporting purposes, it may be important that you register the dog’s papers. Most breeders have the paperwork needed to register their dogs with the American Kennel Club and other canine organizations at the time of the adoption.

In fact, your adoption fees should include the registration documents needed to have your dog listed as a purebred. Animal shelters do not make available registry paperwork to people who adopt dogs from them.

5. Cost

It could be a lot less expensive to get a dog from a reputable breeder than an animal shelter. Breeders typically include the first round of vaccinations in the prices for their pups. Likewise, many breeders also provide basic level puppy training before they are sold.

You may get a dog that already knows how to sit, stay, heel, and retrieve. You save money on vaccinating and training your dog, expenses that are not covered when adopting a dog from an animal shelter.

When you want a dog that will become a valuable member of your household, you may prefer to look beyond your local animal adoption center. Reputable breeders will provide you with dog that is ready to be adapted into your family, and you can expect these breeders to be representative of all five of these reasons.

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