AKC Video Series “I Am A Breeder”

The American Kennel Club (AKC®) announced the launch of the brand new “I Am a Breeder” video series. The series is aimed at promoting responsible breeders and the love they have for their dogs to the general public.

“Responsible dog breeders have a depth of knowledge and a level of commitment to purebred dogs that is admirable and should be celebrated. Many dog owners do not think that breeders are just like the average dog owner, but at the end of the day most breeders’ passion for dogs started with the love of a family pet,” said AKC Vice President Gina DiNardo. “Breeders care for and love their puppies. They’re dedicated to bettering their breed and providing prospective dog owners with the best possible family pet they can. Breeders are a wonderful resource to their puppy buyers for the life of the dog.”

The “I Am a Breeder” series provides insight into the motivation and passion of AKC breeders. The videos visit four breeders at home where they breed and care for their dogs. They show a side of breeders that many do not get to see, and give people a behind the scenes look at the love and dedication breeders have for their dogs, and the dogs that become family pets to loving owners.

View the trailer above, and the first four “I Am a Breeder” videos will pop up automatically when it’s done.

Additional videos highlighting breeders are to come.

Now I know I spend a lot of time promoting the adoption of shelter dogs, but purebred dogs do have a place. For those who enjoy confirmation showing and other purebred events, these beautiful dogs can provide a lot of enjoyment.

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