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Dogs Making A Difference: Molly

Photo courtesy AKC
Photo courtesy AKC
From the AKC:

Dogs have been known to increase happiness, reduce stress levels, and improve overall health in people. During this unprecedented time, dogs have been a source of relief and happiness for their human counterparts. In an effort to recognize dogs doing outstanding things during the global crisis we are facing, the AKC has awarded three wonderful dogs who have been spreading joy in their communities with the AKC Paw of Courage award. Continue reading Dogs Making A Difference: Molly

5 Reasons You Should Get Your Next Dog from a Reputable Breeder

Photo:  Golden Meadows
Photo: Golden Meadows
We welcome guest blogger Kevin Brenden to the blog today, writing on behalf of Golden Meadows, a Vizsla and Golden Retriever breeder out of Southern California.

[Editor’s Note: As regular readers of this blog know, I always encourage people to adopt dogs from local shelters rather than buying puppies. However, I also recognize that many of my readers are interested in show dogs or have other reasons for looking at professionally bred puppies. So, I’m happy to present this post telling you why finding a reputable breeder is important.]

That said, here are The Primary Benefits of Choosing a Pet from a Trustworthy Breeder
Continue reading 5 Reasons You Should Get Your Next Dog from a Reputable Breeder

Is Your Dog Scared of Ceiling Fans?

Cooper Lisa DoyleAs some of you know, I moved into a new house about a month ago. While I was tinkering around this week, unpacking the last few boxes, I got hot and turned on the ceiling fan in my office, which is right above the couch Cooper sleeps on. Surely, he had experienced ceiling fans in the old house, but maybe not right above him. This one happened to be set on high, so when I flipped the switch, it really let loose with a breeze…and Cooper vaulted off the couch to try to crawl under my office chair when the air hit him. I wish I’d been able to capture it on video because it was pretty funny.

Anybody else have a startled dog experience they’d like to share?

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