Worst-behaved dog ever!

1118141535_resizedIt was such a beautiful night last night, I decided to take Cooper to my son’s ball game. I may have to go into hiding.

When I got him out of the car, the first thing he did was take a dump in the park. This is a dog who has never once, in ten years, pooped anywhere other than in our own back yard.

So, I clean that up and take him to sit where we can watch the game. Another family brought their dog. After sniffing each other for awhile, the other dog made the mistake of taking her eyes off of Cooper, so he promptly tried to mount her.

A friend of mine took him for a short walk. He gets to a small group of spectators, goes up to one of the young ladies, hikes his leg and pees…on her leg! I was so glad someone else was walking him – I just pretended I didn’t know him.

We’ll see if his sister Daisy does any better tonight.

Color me humiliated!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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