Tethered Tug Toy for Your Dog

Mischief Mayhem TuckeredThis picture was posted by a friend of mine, whose dogs Mischief and Mayhem cannot keep up with her adventures. Which amazes me, as I can’t imagine having as much energy even as my 10-year old Beagle, let alone her young dogs!

Assuming that more people have my problem than my friend’s problem, I bring you: The Tether Tug, an interactive dog toy designed to take over when you’re too tired. Dogs who play hard are much easier to handle and train, as they have gotten out some of their energy before they need to concentrate.

And if you have a young or exuberant dog, we always recommend keeping him or her active throughout the day to prevent destructive boredom behaviors like chewing and digging. This could be just the ticket.

Check out their explanatory video:

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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