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AKC National Championship 2020, Best in Show Line-up

As a reminder, here are the seven dogs advancing to the Best in Show competition:

Non-Sporting Group: Venus, the Standard Poodle
Hound Group: Bourbon, the Whippet
Sporting Group: Orca, the Lagotta Romagnolo
Toy Group: Wasabi, the Pekingese
Herding Group: Sketty, the Australian Shepherd
Working Group: Wilma, the Boxer
Terrier Group: Dazzle, the Welsh Terrier

Up next: the winner!

AKC National Championship 2020: Non-Sporting Group

Sorry I’m late to the party today…I was watching my beloved Browns lose to the Chiefs. I think I have recovered enough to bring you the results of the Non-Sporting Group judging from today’s telecast of the AKC National Championships held last December.

1st: Standard Poodle, Venus
2nd: Tibetan Terrier
3rd: Dalmatian
4th: Schipperke

Next up: The Hounds!