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Saturday Survey: Dog Crate or Dog Cage

We’ve often talked about crate training on doggies.com, but I know some people use cages instead. What’s the difference? It’s not in the construction at all, but rather in the function.

A crate is typically used to give your dog a place to get away from it all, his own personal den. It can also be a useful training tool when you are housebreaking. A cage, on the other hand, is typically used to keep your dog out of the way or to punish the dog for bad behavior. So, which is it at your house?
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Tuesday Top Ten: Dog Training Tips

Training a new puppy, or even an older dog, may be the most exasperating thing you’ve ever done, but the payoff is huge.  Properly trained, your dog will be safer, more lovable, and able to handle visits from friends, and your home will be intact!  So, here are our top ten training tips to make your and your dog’s lives more enjoyable!  (Incidentally, these tips work equally well with your children, but we can’t vouch for how they will work on your spouse.)

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Training Dogs at the Aquarium????

The Chicago Tribune is reporting on a new program at the Shedd Aquarium.  Trainers at the aquarium were getting bored after their whales, dolphins, and other sea critters were sent out of town due to the Oceanarium pavilion being closed for refurbishing.  The trainers went out to animal rescue centers and brought six dogs back to the aquarium to demonstrate that mammal training techniques can be equally effective in training house pets. Continue reading Training Dogs at the Aquarium????

Never, never, never leave your dog alone with a baby

What a tragic story out of Warren, Ohio.  A father left his 3-day old baby alone in her bassinet while he briefly left the room.


Their family dog, a Husky, apparently thought the child was a stuffed animal or toy and picked her up, killing her due to a cardiac arrest.


This highlights the need to constantly supervise your dog when there is a baby in the house.  It only takes a second for a dog to make a mistake and harm or even kill your precious newborn.


Below, some expert advice on helping your dog adjust to a new baby in the house.


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