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Pandemic Recession Hits Dogs


At the beginning of the pandemic, shelters rejoiced as people who were stuck at home began adopting dogs to keep them company. Now, however, as economic hardships are hitting home, some are being forced to surrender their dogs.

The ASPCA estimates 24.4 million animals will soon be living in poverty with their families due to the virus, a 21% increase since February. ASPCA research shows that a lack of affordable veterinary care and limited access to spay/neuter services are important potential contributors to pet relinquishment. They have launched programs and partnerships in Los Angeles, Miami and New York City to make veterinary care more accessible and affordable. Continue reading Pandemic Recession Hits Dogs

Buddy: COVID’s First Canine Victim

Buddy.  Photo:  Robert Mahoney and Allison Mahoney
Buddy. Photo: Robert Mahoney and Allison Mahoney
From National Geographic: Buddy, the first US dog diagnosed with COVID19, has died. The sweet German Shepherd crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 11th.

Vets say the dog likely had lymphoma, a kind of cancer, so it’s impossible to know precisely what took him, or if the cancer made him more susceptible to the virus, but the US Department of Agriculture has verified he was definitely COVID-positive, likely infected by a family member. Continue reading Buddy: COVID’s First Canine Victim

Outdoor Dining

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CantonRep.com” width=”288″ height=”175″ class=”size-full wp-image-25439″ /> Photo: CantonRep.com

Health officials say one of the most dangerous things you can do during this pandemic is to eat inside a restaurant. They recommend eating on the patio. How serendipitous that many patios allow you to bring your dog along!

Not sure where to go? Check out Zomato from Urban Spoon to search for restaurants near you with outside seating. Just enter your city or town where it currently says “Canton”. Then call the restaurant to find out how dog friendly they are.

Happy dining!

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Pets of the Pandemic

Photo courtesy AKC
Photo courtesy AKC

Have you considered what would happen to your animals if you were suddenly hospitalized due to the coronavirus (or for any reason, really)? What if you died suddenly?

Not a topic any of us want to think about, but one which we must consider.

In New York City, they have a special team that feeds animals abandoned by owners in the hospital, and takes in the animals who have been orphaned by the virus. But most of us don’t live in cities large enough to have this kind of service. Continue reading Pets of the Pandemic

Easing Your Dog’s Anxiety as You Return to Work

From our friends at Women After 50 on Facebook
From our friends at Women After 50 on Facebook

If you’ve been home with your dog during the pandemic, it’s likely your dog has grown very accustomed to having you around and may have anxiety issues when you go back to the workplace full time.

Some might argue that our dogs have enjoyed the stay-at-home orders more than anyone else, leaving owners with more time for walks, fetch and quality time with our pups. However, with businesses reopening all throughout the country and stay at home orders being lifted, we can’t forget about how going to work can affects our pets. Continue reading Easing Your Dog’s Anxiety as You Return to Work