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Scholarships Available for Pet Care Majors


The AKC Humane Fund, Inc, is pleased to announce that applications for the John D. Spurling, O.B.E. Scholarship are now open. The Fund will award five scholarships, at $2,000 each, payable as tuition assistance to accredited institutions where students are enrolled in courses of study focusing on the care of pets.

Scholarships are intended for students with excellent academic records and community experience with responsible pet ownership. Continue reading Scholarships Available for Pet Care Majors

Pets of the Pandemic

Photo courtesy AKC
Photo courtesy AKC

Have you considered what would happen to your animals if you were suddenly hospitalized due to the coronavirus (or for any reason, really)? What if you died suddenly?

Not a topic any of us want to think about, but one which we must consider.

In New York City, they have a special team that feeds animals abandoned by owners in the hospital, and takes in the animals who have been orphaned by the virus. But most of us don’t live in cities large enough to have this kind of service. Continue reading Pets of the Pandemic

Tuesday Top Ten: What to Do When Your Dog Gets Sick at the Pet Sitter’s

While we were away last weekend, Maggie had another seizure.  Scared our young pet sitter out of her mind.  We were able to calm her down by phone, and Maggie fortunately made it through the weekend without further incident.  However, it brought up the question of what to do when you travel to make sure your pet’s care is handled the way you would want.

Continue reading Tuesday Top Ten: What to Do When Your Dog Gets Sick at the Pet Sitter’s