Buddy: COVID’s First Canine Victim

Buddy.  Photo:  Robert Mahoney and Allison Mahoney
Buddy. Photo: Robert Mahoney and Allison Mahoney
From National Geographic: Buddy, the first US dog diagnosed with COVID19, has died. The sweet German Shepherd crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 11th.

Vets say the dog likely had lymphoma, a kind of cancer, so it’s impossible to know precisely what took him, or if the cancer made him more susceptible to the virus, but the US Department of Agriculture has verified he was definitely COVID-positive, likely infected by a family member.

The USDA keeps records of dogs who test positive, but they release very little information to the public. In Buddy’s case, they revealed only that he was a German Shepherd from Staten Island and was expected (at the time) to recover. Fewer than 25 dogs have confirmed diagnoses, so little is known about the course of the disease in canines. In Buddy’s case, there were only two-and-a-half months from when he started wheezing until he passed.

Our deepest sympathies to the Mahoney family on their loss.

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