Urgent request for funding for knee surgery for Army dog Buddy

Buddy Pets for PatriotsFrom today’s e-mail bag:

Buddy is a ten year-old Lab who got a second chance on life when he was adopted by Maureen, a career Army officer with more than 20 years of service to our country. Buddy has always been an Army dog, but his previous family got reassigned to Germany and were unable to take him.

We think this picture of Buddy and his new Army mom says it all.

Just 3 days after coming home, Buddy was playing with a new ball when he tore his cruciate ligament, an injury seen in older labs.

Buddy has an excellent prognosis and is scheduled for surgery on Saturday, October 25. It cannot wait.

Maureen shares what Buddy means to her family:

“He’s a good dog who has stolen the hearts of me and my children. As challenging as this is for me to deal with, I know that it was meant to be. This injury was inevitable and had it happened prior to Monday, Buddy might not have ever been adopted. The thought breaks my heart.”

We’re working with Pet Chance to fund Buddy’s urgent surgery; monies raised will go directly to the treating veterinarian.


On behalf of this military family, we thank you!

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