Easing Your Dog’s Anxiety as You Return to Work

From our friends at Women After 50 on Facebook
From our friends at Women After 50 on Facebook

If you’ve been home with your dog during the pandemic, it’s likely your dog has grown very accustomed to having you around and may have anxiety issues when you go back to the workplace full time.

Some might argue that our dogs have enjoyed the stay-at-home orders more than anyone else, leaving owners with more time for walks, fetch and quality time with our pups. However, with businesses reopening all throughout the country and stay at home orders being lifted, we can’t forget about how going to work can affects our pets.

Pet owners need to consider all sorts of things when going back to work, including:

Daily walks
Mental stimulation
Separation anxiety (which can lead to destructive behavior, excessive barking, etc.)

According to Mary R. Burch, Ph.D., Director of AKC Family Dog, “If you and your dog have been together nearly 100% of the time, before you go back to work, it’s time to start getting your dog accustomed to being alone. Start with leaving for short periods and gradually extend the time.”

“Remember to give your dog plenty of exercise before you leave the house to go to the store or run your errands now. It will help your dog relax when you leave and will help with the back-to-work schedule.”

If you haven’t previously used a doggie daycare, you may want to consider it a couple of days each week. Your dog may not even notice your absence if s/he has so many friends to play with.

Let us know how it goes for you.

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