Dealing With Canine Anxiety

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Our friends at Women’s Health Magazine have come up with nine ways to help your anxious dog:

Spray Adaptil on the dog’s food. It simulates the pheromone mama dogs emit when their dogs are nursing.

Try a Thundershirt, which basically swaddles your dog to help him or her deal with thunderstorms, fireworks, etc.

Provide basic support, like belly rubs, treats, and snuggles.

Take a walk to work off some of that nervous energy.

Keep the dog engaged with toys and extra playtime.

Reduce your own stress; dogs feed off of it.

Ease a new dog into separation. Go away for short periods to get the dog used to your being away before you “abandon” him or her for a full workday. If you must go to work soon after you get a new dog, come home on your lunch hour if possible, or hire a dog walker to check in once or twice during the long day.

Try probiotics. They can work wonders in many different ways.

Read the whole article here.

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