The Box That Says Chewy

Chewy box
Meme owner unknown. Please claim it if it’s yours.

My FedEx guy spent a really long time in the truck the other day. I must have given him a funny look when he came out with my very small package because he said, “It never occurred to me to look in the small stuff. I was looking for your Chewy boxes.”

Should I be embarrassed to get that much from Chewy? I absolutely love them! If you’re not familiar with Chewy, just let me say they are amazing. If you get an order that doesn’t fit your needs for whatever reason, they usually replace it at no cost and ask you to donate what you didn’t need to a local shelter. They send flowers if they find out your pet has died (like if you stop an auto-shipment). They have portraitists who draw great artistic renditions of random customers’ pets. Just one day, the portrait turns up in the mail.

They also have just about anything you could ever need for your pet, delivered for free if your order is over $49 (which is so easy to do), and their prices are competitive if not lower than most pet stores.

I have no relationship with them other than as a customer, but I just wanted to share with those who haven’t yet tried them that Chewy is one of the best companies I have ever bought from.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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