Draw the Dog

You’ve all seen my pitiful attempt at drawing a dog, so it is with great admiration that I offer you a link to a new site:  Drawthedog.com, with thanks to India Lipton for suggesting it.

Here’s how it all started:

Bruce Kasanoff is the type of person who will cross Sixth Avenue at rush hour to say hi to a dog.

His friend, Jim George, is a former Disney animator who loves to draw but who stopped drawing for five years because he grew tired of having studio executives change his stories and characters.

In their wildest dreams, Kasanoff wanted to earn a living working with dogs – instead of just consulting to big companies – and George wanted to draw a comic strip. One thing led to another, and five months ago the pair started DrawtheDog.com, where funny dog cartoons appear to draw themselves.

You can sign up on the site to receive a daily e-mail with one of their cartoons, and you can even send in funny pictures of your dog for them to use as the basis of their drawings.

Here’s an example.  From this video:

They came up with this cartoon:

Visit Draw the Dog to make your dog nearly as famous as OK Go.

Best of luck to Jim and Bruce as they grow their blog.  I’ve added them to my blogroll – the world can always use more laughs!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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