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A Dog’s Purpose

The book was excellent, and I was going to give high recommendations about seeing the movie, but now I am seeing horrible things about how the dogs were treated during filming.

Apparently, they were forced to perform dangerous stunts such as jumping into a fast-moving river. The German Shepherd, in particular, was filmed flailing desperately while trying to avoid the water, but was forced to get in anyways. The production company is saying they will investigate; meanwhile, animal activists are recommending a boycott.

I know for sure I don’t have all the facts, so I am trying to decide. I know the movie will be excellent, but I certainly don’t want to support animal cruelty. Such a quandary.

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A Dog Named Gucci

Photo from Gucci’s Facebook page

I came across this after the fundraising drive had ended, so I don’t have a current status. If you know more, please give us an update in the comments.

In brief, here’s the story: a 10-week old Chow-Husky puppy was horrifically abused and set on fire, but was then rescued by a man named Doug James, who nursed the dog back to health and took him into his home, where they lived together for the next 16 years. During this time, both Doug and Gucci worked tirelessly to change the animal cruelty laws in Alabama and across the United States.
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TiVO Alert: Hachi comes to Hallmark

Don’t forget to set your DVR if you won’t be home this evening.  Hachi:  A Dog’s Story will be on the Hallmark Channel tonight at 8 pm Eastern.  This touching movie is loosely based on the true story of Hachiko, a loyal Akita who waited for his professor dad at a Japanese train station each day.  The new Richard Gere take on the story is an excellent movie, and if you missed it in theaters, you might want to check it out.

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