Hachi: A Dog’s Story

hachiko-statueI’m not sure when this is due out, but Richard Gere is now publicizing his new movie, called “Hachi:  A Dog’s Story”.  I don’t know whether this is based on a true story or on an urban legend, but the Japanese feel very strongly about the dog known as Hachiko.

It appears that Hachiko would follow his master, a college professor, to the bus station each day and wait for him to return at the end of the workday to accompany him home.  Even after the professor died, the dog still waited at the station for another ten years until he himself passed on to doggie heaven in 1935. 

The people of Japan were so moved by this dog that they had a statue erected at the train station, which has since become a landmark. 

Hachi’s story was made into a Japanese movie in 1987.  This new version is set in Rhode Island, and Gere notes that the dog is definitely the star of the show.  Pointing to the Akita’s notorious stubborn streak, Gere says they would often film the three dogs playing the part of Hachi for hours, waiting for them to perform whatever they were supposed to do, then they would call Gere in for ten minutes to do his part of the scene.

If anyone has information on when we can see this movie, let me know.  It was premiered at a film festival last month & opens in August in Japan, but I didn’t see anything on a US release.  You know I’m a sucker for anything with dogs in it, and I just love Richard Gere, as well!

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UPDATE 3/12/10

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30 thoughts on “Hachi: A Dog’s Story”

  1. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an really long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that
    over again. Anyways, just wanted to say great blog!

  2. Just lost my white dog a few years ago. So when I watched this movie, which I stumble on, late at night. I was interested? What is this all about? I didn’t know it would have a big effect on me at the end. O.M.G.? The tears just filled my eyes, and my heart ache so bad, thinking about my dog also, that also died of cancer like Hachi. Had to tell my wife about this movie in the morning, then looked it up on the computor, to see if there was a dog named Hachi? O yah guys, bring some tissues too. It’s going to hurt! Trust me.

  3. hatchi was a very special movie a very well put together movie with a since of
    pride to the heart of how loyle animals are to their masters & how very smart they are richard gear played a very good part that made the movie that more interesting to watch hatchi had to be a true story to put something that meaningful in a movie as that could’nt be just a story it was SO GREAT TO WATCH I’m putting it on my favs & passin the word on face book to everyone I talk to to watch it & watching it again right now thank you all who do the same

  4. Hatchi was a very very AWESOME show for any loyle dog lover or owner to watch it has heart & great performace any animal lover would awe over as well as cry there eyes out I know after 3days after I watched it it was still in my mind of how well put together that movie was done thank you we lost a very loveing dog afew mos ago & she was a very loveing loyle part of our family as hatchi was to his mast to wait (10yrs)after his master died thats loylety there I’m fixing to waych it again to & put it on my favs as well is how much I love that movie

  5. rented “Hachi”………again.like everyone else i cried and my heart ached.only negative thing i have to say is why oh why would’nt his wife take the dog,he had the soul of her husband,i could NEVER do that,so sad in the end when he closes his eyes and dies dreaming of his friend.trying to talk my son into watching it, he lost his dog to cancer a few years ago and says he will never go through that again.love dogs mine is my best friend

  6. OOOOHHH!!!! I just watched Hachiko and I cried like crazy! This movie is sooo sad!!!!! WAHHH!!!! Now, after I watched this, it’s my FAVORITE movie!!!!!

  7. this was one of the best movies I have ever seen. What a heart warming, beautiful story. The dogs were so gorgeous. Richard Gere was wonderful as usual. I sat with my dog, Precious and watched the movie, just kept hugging her and crying. They truly are a mans’ best friend.

  8. I just watched this last night on Hulu! I am retired Law Enforcement and a combat veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division, so I always thought that patriotism was the only thing that made me tear up. Well i was sooo wrong! I literally boohooed through a lot of this movie. Luckily it was late and everyone else went to bed but me and my Lab buddy Joey. I can believe this happened because my son says my dog, Joey sits at the window and howls when I am gone!!! Great movie!!!

  9. I absolutely loved the movie and “Hatchi” is the star!!!!! Love Richard Gere and he played a great role. The movie was so real and touching. If you are an animal lover (as I am) this movie will send a message to your heart! Thanks for a great movie. Sue Cote

  10. Just watched the movie, Hachi, on the Hallmark channel. This was an incredible movie, however, very sad. I really loved the story line and how it was brought out. I believe this was a true story as why would they have put a statue up at the train station had Hachi not been there waiting! Very loyal and loving dog to his owner, as with any dog(s) that bond with their owner. Now I need to go try to get the puffiness out of my eyes, as I cried like my heart was breaking!!

  11. I was at work when I caught sight of this movie on 13th november 2010, it was
    the scene where Hachi waited for his master to return and he never did, I immediately cried uncontrollably, What a beautiful movie.
    It never ceases to amaze me of the trust, loyalty and love animals bring into our lives, LOVED THE MOVIE,RICHARD GERE,AND ESPECIALLY THE DOGS.

  12. My husband / I watched this movie on THursday, Nov. 11th, 2010 on the Hallmark channel. What can I say that hasn’t already been said (blogged). This movie is great, there’s love, trust,and loyalty in this dog that I know is in every dog. Richard Gere and this dog had some kind of chemistry with each other from the beginning of the movie. I cried like a baby, when I watched it. But I knew he would see his beloved master one day! GOD I LOVE THIS MOVIE AND ALL DOGS!

  13. Nov. 11,2010………….I watched this movie last night, it was just awesome, going down to buy it today…Richard is my favorite,he was gre8…I cryed so hard, that it was hard for me to sleep…it was a great great movie………

  14. Saw this movie lat night. I bawled my head off. Everyone was wonderful , but the dogs were spectacular. If you’ve not seen this movie, you have to rent it or keep an eye out for it when it comes on again…..
    The puppy was just adorable….and for a change, this movie was not over the top, just gentle, sweet and very deep………loved it.

  15. I saw this movie on Hallmark channel this afternoon. It is a very touching and moving story. I cried a river of tears. Beautifully done,.

  16. One of my techs here at our shop told me about this movie. Evidently its on the Hallmark channel.
    I think I’ll pass. I mean, I teared up just hearing my mechanic tell me about it. And I’m someone who cried all thru 8 Below, then was p** off for days that ANYONE would LEAVE his dogs behind in the first place. Heck, I even cry in Snow Dogs!!

  17. i have watched the Hachi movie of Richard gere twice and its really a touching movie….now i know the feeling of loyalty to all the people i love

  18. Just saw this movie i thought it was a beautiful story about love and the loyalness of dogs and their owners. I havent cried like that since the movie Titanic, i really enjoyed it and recomend it to any dog lover. Thank you. Miss you Maxie you will always be my best friend!

  19. Oh my, I have never cried this hard watching a movie! I was actually sobbing and crying my heart out! If you do bring tissues bring the whole box, you will need it. It was a great movie and i plan on buying my own DVD and cry my heart out again lol.

  20. i love the new film that just came out, but make sure you bring tissues if you do go. it is incredibly sad!! Also it is NOT a family film, take that from an 11 year old, very sad 🙁
    Happy ending though.
    of course you can still go and see it im just warning you.

    xxxx 🙂

  21. I watched this movie last night and cried. What a wonderful story and performance by the Akita and Richard Gere.

  22. The film just premiered in Woonsocket, RI at the Stadium theatre this evening with an showstyle Akita dog there on stage prior to the movie’s start. The film was debued here as its official opening they said as a thank you to the town where the train station, hotdog vendor and bookstore are located. The train station is totally restored and we were told was the reason they chose this town to film it. I was one of the ones whose houses they considered for filming, the crew actually came to my house and toured the inside, but a home in Bristol, RI was chosen instead.

    The Stadium theatre where the film debued is also completely refurbished and restored, which cost millions of donated money and grants to restore to its former 1929 splendor. It now houses 100 performances a year and is the jewel of the city as well as the restored train station (that does not have a stop here, but the train does travel through the town from Providence to Boston.


    We were also told that while filming, the weather did not cooperate as much as needed and the snow that is seen where Hachi sits was created and imported for the scenes on certain days.

    The movie appears to now be for sale at Amazon on DVD.

    Thank you,
    L. Rheaume

  23. I have been wondering when this will be shown in the U.S., too, like crazy!!!

    Yes, this is a true story. Every Japanese knows about “Hachi-Ko,” we all heard about him growing up. And if you are to meet your friend in Shibuya (very hip town in Tokyo), that is where you decide to meet up. “In front of Hachi-ko.”

    I was in Japan this summer and saw Richard Gere talked about this movie in one of the TV shows. I am so happy that he is a big part of the movie. I am sure it is going to be great and just can’t wait to watch the movie. This movie was premiered in Japan on Auguest 8th (8/8) because “Hachi” means number 8. LOL

    My bad was I left Japan on Aug 4th. If I had known about this movie, I am sure I would have scheduled myself to stay there until the premiere…

  24. Can’t wait to see film about Hatchi, we have two Japanese Akita’s andthey are wonderful. My Son is married to a Japanese girl and they live inTokyo, they have seen the film and said it is wonderful the dogs are beautfil.

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