Animal Oscar Nominations

Last weekend, USA Today featured their nominations for animals worthy of Oscars from movies released in 2011.  Along with the horse from War Horse and the bear from We Bought a Zoo, there were three canine stars on the list.

Uggie, “The Dog” from The Artist, is recognized for playing shy at the breakfast table, playing dead, and participating in a “life-saving sequence that would have made Lassie proud.”    In true star fashion, this 10-year old Jack Russell Terrier has taken to posting his musings on Twitter.

Cosmo, “Arthur” from Beginners, is also a Jack Russell.  After being rescued from a shelter, Cosmo stole the scene from Ewan McGregor when McGregor’s character gave Arthur a tour of their new house.  McGregor was so enamored of the dog, he went out an adopted a poodle mix after the movie was in the can.  According to Cosmo’s trainer Mathilde de Cagny, McGregor “just couldn’t go on without a dog after that.”

The three dogs simultaneously known as Maximilan in Hugo.  Martin Scorses’s first 3-D film features Sacha Baron Cohen as a train station inspector on the trail of an orphan who lives in a Paris train station.  Cohen’s sidekick, Maximilian, was played by three Dobermans, including Blackie, a “smarter” female who was needed for complicated scenes.  (I won’t even go there – my boss is a man!)

Check out the whole story in USA Today.

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