A Dog Named Gucci

Photo from Gucci’s Facebook page

I came across this after the fundraising drive had ended, so I don’t have a current status. If you know more, please give us an update in the comments.

In brief, here’s the story: a 10-week old Chow-Husky puppy was horrifically abused and set on fire, but was then rescued by a man named Doug James, who nursed the dog back to health and took him into his home, where they lived together for the next 16 years. During this time, both Doug and Gucci worked tirelessly to change the animal cruelty laws in Alabama and across the United States.

Enter Gorman Bechard and What Were We Thinking Films. They are making a documentary about Gucci and several other dogs. Here’s how they close their “about” statement on their Facebook page: If you love animals, and you wouldn’t have read this far if you didn’t, you will fall in love with Gucci. And you will see how his struggle is only the tip of a very big iceberg of abuse. Horrible torture of our most loyal friends. Crimes that so often go unpunished. Just go to Facebook and search “Justice for” and add the name Desmond, Ike, Mijo, or Jetta, the list is disturbingly endless. Hopefully A DOG NAMED GUCCI will be a step in the right direction towards ending such abuse forever. I can’t say it any better than that.

If you’re associated with the movie or have any details on when / where it will be released, please comment below. I’m not sure I’ll be able to bear to watch it, but I sure will publicize this important project.

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2 thoughts on “A Dog Named Gucci”

  1. Thank you so very much for sharing A Dog Named Gucci! The film is underway, we have been working on it since late last year. Most of the interviews have been completed (although a bit of travel and a few more key people are being squeezed in in these next few weeks) and the editing process has begun.

    While you noted that our last Kickstarter campaign had ended when you came across the project, we have just launched a brand new one. Indie film making is a labor of love. We have the drive, passion, and talent to deliver a phenomenal film but how do we fund the making of and get it seen? How do we make an impact? This is where you, the fans & supporters come in! Through crowdsourcing we have been able to work on projects that we believe in and that the fans believe in.

    A Dog Named Gucci was born out of the love for our own family of dogs and the desire to help in the plight of all the homeless, lost, neglected, abused. Together we can get this film made, seen, and bring awareness to the issue of domestic animal abuse. Our goal? Awareness that inspires change and helps to end the needless suffering of so many innocent creatures.

    Hopping off my soapbox now 🙂 Thank you again for highlighting the story!

    Kristine Bechard

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