Harrods Pet Department Closes

This $4.2 million dog tiara is featured on IncredibleThings.com
This $4.2 million dog tiara is featured on IncredibleThings.com
If you were planning on visiting the pet department at Harrods Department Store next time you went to London, you’ve waited too long.

Apparently, this used to be the go-to destination if you wanted really expensive accessories for your four-footed friend. They sold diamond-studded collars and evidently had quite the selection of exotic pets until they had to close that part of the business when the Endangered Species Act passed. But they continued selling accessories until their recent department closure.

It seems odd that they would get out of this line of business when the http:// predicts the size of this market is expected to top $58 million in 2014!

Don’t worry about the Harrods thing, though. As usual, it’s doggies.com to the rescue! Here’s a link that will take you to information about 14 ridiculously expensive things you can buy for your pet, including a mink fur coat and a Hello Kitty Crystal Dog House.

Don’t hurt yourself rushing out to buy these things. You know how crowds can be at the mall!

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