Saturday Survey: Does Your Dog Take Care of You?

In the week or so since I’ve been home from the hospital with my new knee, Cooper has barely left my side.  He’s always been a big baby, but I really think he knows I don’t feel so good. It’s weird because the other three dogs (and even 1 of the cats) don’t appear to notice, but Cooper & 1 of the cats have been all about sticking with me.  It’s good to have friends!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: Does Your Dog Take Care of You?”

  1. Rule #1: don’t fall down; which happened several times during the winter on “duty” walks whereupon Brittany goes out to the very end of her long leash then postures as one who has no idea who the kluta on the other end of the leash is.
    As the possessor of TWO genuine simulated artificial knees ( done three years apart) i extend my most empathic sympathy to you for your recovery. it ain’t easy!!

  2. I don’t get sick often so haven’t noticed a difference in my dogs with illness. They definitely know when my mood changes. I’m not talking about bad moods, they are easy to pick up on. They sense the slightest change in my mood when it comes to sadness and things like that. They will come near me and just sit there, not asking for any attention, just being close.

  3. Some dogs- and cats, too, have an uncanny ability to sense anything unusual happening with their family, like illness, etc. – and show their concern by being more attentive than usual.
    It’s wonderful to have devoted friends like these two. Get well soon!

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