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Animal Welfare Takes a Step Back in Texas

From MSNBC: Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is facing criticism after he vetoed animal abuse legislation that bans tethering dogs outdoors using heavy chains or chaining them up without drinkable water and adequate shelter or shade. Abbott says laws already in place were adequate.

I don’t understand the harm in strengthening laws that may not have been specific enough.

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Who Leaves Their Dog to Drown in a Hurricane?

These are the lucky animals who were eventually rescued. Not all animals were so lucky, and in some cases, it was due to malicious, or at least uninformed, actions by their families.

From Blue Lives Matter: As authorities search for survivors who may have stayed behind to weather the storm, they are also finding dogs chained up outside or locked in pens with no means of escaping Hurricane Irma.

Think how your dog acts during a conventional thunderstorm. Can you even imagine how scary a hurricane would be for a dog? As if the property destruction and human toll of the hurricane weren’t enough, this literally turns my stomach.

Although about 60 people voluntarily surrendered their pets to Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, the agency also found at least 40 animals who had been left behind as people evacuated. The agency will pursue felony animal cruelty charges against those owners who chose to abandon their animals, assuming they can be identified.

Tips from Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control for dog families facing a natural disaster:

– Don’t let your dog out right after the storm passes, it’s going to be confused by the damage and debris. Animal caretakers see an a spike in animal injuries after storms because animals get cut and caught on debris.

– If you come upon an abandoned pet, use caution. The combination of confused dogs and stressed people result in an uptick of dog bites after storms.

Our appreciation goes out to all those who are working to take care of the animal victims of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

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Obama Aide Takes Gibe at Romney Over Dog Car Roof Incident

Axelrod Obama BoTweet
Screenshot of Axelrod's tweet taking a dig at Mitt Romney.

Senior Obama strategist David Axelrod took aim at Mitt Romney over the incident where Romney strapped his dog to the car roof on 12-hour drive.

Axelrod tweeted a photo of Obama riding with Bo in the back of his armored limousine with the caption “How loving owners transport their dogs.”  Clearly this was meant as a dig at Romney, and probably a well-deserved one considering the act of cruelty where Romney somehow thought it was a good idea to strap his dog’s kennel, with the dog inside, to the roof of his car for an entire 12-hour drive.

The tweet’s timing coincided with the launch of a Facebook page called Pet Lovers for Obama‘ – where pet owners are encouraged to upload photos of their pets wearing Obama 2012 gear. 

You can see the original Axelrod tweet here.

Unbelievable! Airport Worker Fired After Refusing to Load Sick Dog

Lynn Jones sits with her three dogs. (AP Photo/The Reno Gazette-Journal, Marilyn Newton)

Former airport baggage handler Lynn Jones knew there was something wrong with the dog in the carrier.  She was supposed to load the dog onto a plane, but when she saw the sad look and his emaciated body, she was certain the poor creature wouldn’t survive the flight to Texas.  So she refused to load the dog on the plane, going against her supervisor’s instructions.  Ms. Jones was fired as a result of her refusal.

A month after the incident at Reno-Tahoe International Airport, the dog has fully recovered (and has been returned to his neglectful owner!) but Ms. Jones is still jobless despite the fact that her former employers and company executives have praised her actions and “situational awareness”.

You can read the full story here.


Dog Thrown Into 1 meter Pit Buried Alive Lives

IOL News reports “one of the worst reported cases of animal abuses in Cape Town yet” has had a miracle ending.

Rescue teams work feverishly to dig Warrior from under 1.5 meters of dirt

This photo from the Mdzanada Animal Clinic and IOL News shows rescuers have cleared about about a meter of dirt, revealing the dog’s head after receiving an anonymous tip.

Rescuers have aptly named the ever fighting pooch “Warrior”.

Two men have been arrested yesterday. Warrior is reportedly fine and in good condition.

Read the full story of the courageous veterinarians and Mdzanada Animal Clinic here who saved this beautiful animal like an American SWAT team TV show here.

Update on Chance, the dog abused in Michigan

chance_dog  I posted yesterday about Chance, a dog found by the side of the road after being horribly abused.  As it turns out, the man who rescued Chance from the side of the road is a contractor for AEP, where I work my day job.  (Byron Tate works at AEP’s Cook Plant.)   The rescue has been given lots of space on our in-house website, and today I found out that another AEP employee saw Chance when she took her own dog to the vet.

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