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Saturday Survey: Michael Vick


Michael Vick has been in the news again this week, after having been chosen to serve as an honorary team captain at the 2020 ProBowl. Animal rights activists have petitioned the NFL to remove him from this post due to his history of dog fighting. What do you think should happen?

Should Michael Vick continue to be punished for his dog fighting days?

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Ohio Dog Fighter Denied Early Release from Prison

Judge Robert Ruehlman presided today over the early release hearing of Terry Kendrick, who had been convicted of charges related to running a dog fighting ring that was connected to the ring run by Michael Vick.

Kendrick’s original sentence was for 13 years, and he has served 8 years so far at the Chillicothe Correctional Institution. “I’ve learned a lot being away from my family as long as showing what my actions can bring about. You’ll never have a problem with me again,” Kendrick said.

However, prosecutors pointed out how badly the dogs had been hurt. Some were stitched up and made to fight again. Others were dumped and left for dead.

Kendricks’ wife, who stated he was “not a bad person”, and their 12 children were nearly jailed for contempt after they stated (loudly) their disagreement with the judge’s ruling.

Fortunately, the judge was not swayed and ruled that Kendrick should complete the original sentence in its entirety.

Cincinnati’s WKRC provided the video via YouTube.

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Gracie’s Guardians Loses Its Namesake

GracieWhen Michael Vick’s dog-fighting ring was busted in 2007, fifty pit bulls needed to be rehabilitated and rehomed. One of them, a bowl-legged black dog named Gracie, ended up living with Sharon Cornett, president of the Richmond Animal League’s no-kill shelter. The Animal League then began a program known as Gracie’s Guardians, focused on improving the welfare of pit bulls in the greater Richmond area.
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