Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels Now a Dog Sanctuary

Time Magazine is reporting that the estate where Michael Vick ran his dog-fighting ring has been purchased and is being rehabbed as a place where abused animals can be cared for.

Dogs Deserve Better has renamed the property Good Newz Rehabilitation Center.

“I try not to focus on Vick personally at all. What I try to focus on is how we are changing this place from what happened here,” DDB founder Tamira Thayne recently told The Daily Press. “[We’re] taking something that was really negative and turning it into a positive. We really try to focus on doing the best we can do for these dogs.”

Thayne raised the $590,000 purchase price, and is seeking donations to get the property ready to house as many as 100 animals. She currently has nine animals living in the house.

What a great ending to a sad chapter in Vick’s history.

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3 thoughts on “Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels Now a Dog Sanctuary”

  1. I read the book about the dogs that were rescued not that long ago. It is a great read,gives you a whole new outlook on Pitties!

  2. I would hope Michael Vick would be more than willing to support your center with a generous donation. Just wondering if anyone contacted him to find out. He has done a lot to try to make up for his mistakes. I’m just saying give the man a chance, he may surprise you.

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