Michael Vick gets a new dog: Hut Hut the Beagle

Photo: WeeklyWorldNews.com
Michael Vick has gotten a new dog, even though the judge at his dog-fighting trial three years ago banned him from ever owning one again. If he has the nerve to hurt a beautiful Beagle, I might have to have a little face-to-fist conversation with the man.

I suppose a Beagle wouldn’t be any good at fighting, so I think maybe it will be okay. (If not, I’m sure my threat above will give him pause!)

I do take issue, however, with the judge’s reasoning for allowing him to get a dog after all. According to the Weekly World News, his reasons were purportedly as follows: 1) Though injured, Vick is doing well as an NFL quarterback, thrilling NFL fans with his play; 2) Vick has won over the hearts and minds of the citizens of The City of Brotherly Love; and 3) Vick’s daughters really want a dog.

Really? Just because the guy’s a good football player and the fans like him, he should be allowed to have a dog. Let’s see: hmmmm…a proven history of animal cruelty and too many damaged dogs to count vs. the fact that he gets paid to play a game that he loves???? Not even close.

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Good day, and good dog!

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5 thoughts on “Michael Vick gets a new dog: Hut Hut the Beagle”

  1. wow which is the things I call as an incredible report… solely an gold write-up, the news is strong man… you deserve the top responses. Thanks

  2. He is the biggest piece of shit that there is and to say he is part of the human race makes me sick. If he will do that to an animal just think what he would to anyone of us. But the best part is they let him back in the NFL and a Pa team picked him up just goes to say that the people in Pa. are really stupid he should never have been allowed to play football again is this really what we want our kids to look up to and think if you are a good player then you can get away with anything.. We put down a rabbit animal don’t we so when will we put him down? and call him what he really is A PIECE OF SHIT who is the lowest form of life, those dogs put their trust in him and he let them down as did the courts by not taking everything away from him as they should have and anyone who fight’s dogs the after math is to high of a price to pay some of the dog’s lost their lives and so should he. I love football but will never watch this lying SOB play. When he meets his maker I hope and pray he has to feel every bit of pain the dogs had to and then go straight to hell where he belongs.

  3. This is just wrong on so many levels!! If he was Joe Citizen would this happen?? It makes my blood boil, he is a jerk11

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