Michael Vick is back on the field

Remember when Michael Vick was one of the most hated figures in sports because of his involvement in dog fights? 

According to Dashiell Bennet in BusinessInsider.com, Vick is now popular again.  Seems NFL fans have a short memory for the treatment Vick subjected his dogs to, as long as he is doing well on the football field.

Evidently, Vick is in 3rd place in NFL passer ratings and his team, the Philadelphia Eagles is in first place in their division.

Hard to believe.

In a related story, NPR is reporting that a new DNA database could be used to help find the breeders of dogs used in fighting rings.

Acting on information which indicates that dogs used in the fighting ring are often related, prosecutors have pushed to find the source of the problem – the breeders.

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6 thoughts on “Michael Vick is back on the field”

  1. Joseph – I agree with you, to a point. And I have already voted with my wallet. I wouldn’t pay money to see him play ball again, and I guess I wish others wouldn’t either, but you’re right – he has done his time (not nearly enough, in my opinion, but he did do it.) Thanks for commenting. Beth (The Dog Lady)

  2. Yes, but Vick was convicted, finished his sentence, and served his time in prison. He is still active in community service. If we don’t believe that our prison system and our correctional services don’t rehabilitate their prisoners, and help to release them back into society, then that says something about what we believe in how prison reform works. And that’s a discussion for you and your congressman. He served his time, and now he’s back at work. Leave the man alone.

  3. The kind of person who would do this to dogs once would do it again. This guy’s personality is already formed by now (he’s older than 10). If he really does intend to mend his ways, it will be a major effort for him. He sees himself as very successful (which is true), so he probably is looking forward to getting away with anything he can once again. He doesn’t have to prove anything now that he’s successful, and besides, they’re only dogs, right?

  4. While it doesn’t surprise me that anonymous football fans feel that way, those of us around Atlanta have not forgotten. . . and did not fall for his apology tour with the HSUS. He remains ‘the guy who tortured and killed dogs’ in our eyes. And always will be!

  5. I agree whole heartedly with Michelle-she said it all!! What kind of image are these so called sports “heroes” sending to our kids? Just because you make ridiculous amounts of money does not make you a level headed or decent human being-can’t we find better role models for kids to follow?

  6. It doesn’t surprise me one bit. With every day that passes, every pro athlete thats busted doing something illegal, immoral…every pro athlete that dies by a violent means….every pro athlete that goes into rehab or tests dirty on a test…just convinces me that they and the millions who support, admire and idolize them are brainless, sociopathic twits who have very little to no common sense–as indicated by the Bay Area Football League Pearland Hurricane / Patriot fight that went nationwide this week.
    When people can’t control their tempers around CHILDREN..how can we expect them to have any heart or compassion when it comes to animals?

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