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Obamas Bring Home Portuguese Water Dog Sister for Bo

Sunny, the new Obama family dog, on the South Lawn of the White House, Aug. 19, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
The newest Obama family member Portuguese Water Dog, Sunny. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Announced on the White House Blog, the Obama’s welcome Portuguese Water Dog Sunny.
In honor of Bo’s new little sister Sunny, the Obamas are making a donation to to the Washington Humane Society.

Bo, left, and Sunny, the Obama family dogs, play on the South Lawn of the White House, Aug. 19, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

First Lady Michelle Obama thinks Sunny will follow her brother Bo’s footsteps, “We suspect Sunny will follow in Bo’s footsteps and keep the President company in the Oval Office, go for walks with the First Family after their 6:30 family dinner and even jump up on the First Lady’s lap from time to time!”

The Portuguese Water Dog, a hypoallergenic dog, works great for the Obamas and people with dog allergies. Click to view other allergy friendly hypoallergenic breeds.

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Tender Moment Between Man And His Arthritic Dog In Lake Superior

In case you haven’t seen this beautiful photo making the rounds online lately I wanted to share it with you.  It’s a photo of John Unger cradling his 19-year-old rescue dog Schoep (named after a famous Wisconsin ice cream) in Lake Superior.  Schoep has arthritis and the pain makes it hard for him to fall asleep, so his loving owner takes him into the water and gently cradles him, and the dog trusts him enough to fall asleep in the water.

Apparently Lake Superior is quite warm this time of year and the warmth and buoyancy helps the dog relax enough to fall asleep.  What a beautiful act of love and kindness this man gives his faithful companion.

Do take a moment to read the full story behind the photo, it will make your day.

Schoep cradled by his owner John Unger in Lake Superior


Online Pharmacies for Pet Medications – Yay or Nay?

Chihuahua and bottle of pills pet prescriptionI read an interesting article weighing in on the possible issues with buying your dog’s medication online rather than through your vet. It is certainly cheaper online, but it seems there are a whole slew of potential issues you could be exposing your pet to if you do purchase medications online. I certainly wasn’t aware of all of the issues. I haven’t purchased pet medicine online but I have considered it. Money is tight for many of us so it’s tempting to save where we can.

But it’s possible some online pharmacies repackage expired medicine with new expiry dates, and some prescriptions could be outright counterfeits. At the worst, it could put your dog at serious risk, and at a minimum the medication could simply be ineffective. You don’t know that the medication was stored properly, and it’s difficult to be certain that what you receive is the correct dose for your dog’s weight.

It seems like the risks outweigh any cost savings. Have you ever purchased any prescriptions for your dog online? Would you consider it? If you have, what was your experience like? Are some online sources of pet prescriptions more reliable than others?

Super Bowl Ads Have Gone to the Dogs

As I’m sure everyone already knows, this weekend is the big game, the Super Bowl.  While I’m not much of a football fan I do look forward to the funny and creative ads aired on Super Bowl Sunday.  Of course if the ads include dogs so much the better!

There will be several ads aired featuring dogs this Super Bowl.  Here is a sneak preview.

First up is this Suzuki sled-dog themed ad featuring 8-year-old Husky Nitro tapping his paw to the beat:

Another Super Bowl dog ad is for Volkswagen, featuring 3-year-old Saint Bernard and Australian Shepherd mix Bolt (in a fat-suit!) inspired by a car to slim down and get healthy.  He even hits a treadmill!  Continue reading Super Bowl Ads Have Gone to the Dogs

Toto, the Official State Dog of Kansas?

A Cairn Terrier
The Cairn Terrier which famously played Toto in The Wizard of Oz, may soon be the official state dog of Kansas.

A new bill is being proposed to designate the Cairn Terrier, the dog breed that played Toto in The Wizard of Oz film, as the official state dog of Kansas.

Rep. Ed Trimmer is proposing a bill to designate the Cairn Terrier as the official dog breed of Kansas at the urging of Kansas native Brenda Moore, chairwoman of the South Central Kansas Kennel Club. Moore feels the designation is important to her state.

There was a previous attempt to designate the Cairn Terrier as state dog in 2006 and although it scored thousands of signatures, no politicians took up the cause.

Let’s click our paws together three times for a new Kansas state dog!

Obama Aide Takes Gibe at Romney Over Dog Car Roof Incident

Axelrod Obama BoTweet
Screenshot of Axelrod's tweet taking a dig at Mitt Romney.

Senior Obama strategist David Axelrod took aim at Mitt Romney over the incident where Romney strapped his dog to the car roof on 12-hour drive.

Axelrod tweeted a photo of Obama riding with Bo in the back of his armored limousine with the caption “How loving owners transport their dogs.”  Clearly this was meant as a dig at Romney, and probably a well-deserved one considering the act of cruelty where Romney somehow thought it was a good idea to strap his dog’s kennel, with the dog inside, to the roof of his car for an entire 12-hour drive.

The tweet’s timing coincided with the launch of a Facebook page called Pet Lovers for Obama‘ – where pet owners are encouraged to upload photos of their pets wearing Obama 2012 gear. 

You can see the original Axelrod tweet here.

New York City K9 Team Gets Technology Boost

NYC K9 Ranger on infrared camera training mission
Ranger, a member of the K9 unit with Officer Matt Poletto in training at a NYC subway station. Photo: Ángel Franco/The New York Times

Police dogs in New York now have a new gadget in their crime-fighting arsenal: Infrared cameras.

A camera is strapped to the dog’s back with real-time images transmitted to the handler’s wrist-mounted display, allowing the officer to see into dark spaces he wouldn’t be able to get into himself.

A recent training mission had two-year-old Apache, a German Shepherd, tracking a “suspect” (actually a human officer) in the underground subway system.  Apache and his fellow trainees are the first group of NYPD dogs to get infrared cameras, which are the same kind the Navy Seals used in the raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound last year.

Other new high-tech equipment includes a canine GPS tracking system to help follow dogs on a scent trail, dog collars that emit light, and two custom-built mobile air-conditioned kennel trucks with food storage and rest areas so K9 officers can take a break, have a meal, or escape the summer heat.  The trucks can store up to a month of food so they could be used in disaster zones if needed.