Super Bowl Ads Have Gone to the Dogs

As I’m sure everyone already knows, this weekend is the big game, the Super Bowl.  While I’m not much of a football fan I do look forward to the funny and creative ads aired on Super Bowl Sunday.  Of course if the ads include dogs so much the better!

There will be several ads aired featuring dogs this Super Bowl.  Here is a sneak preview.

First up is this Suzuki sled-dog themed ad featuring 8-year-old Husky Nitro tapping his paw to the beat:

Another Super Bowl dog ad is for Volkswagen, featuring 3-year-old Saint Bernard and Australian Shepherd mix Bolt (in a fat-suit!) inspired by a car to slim down and get healthy.  He even hits a treadmill!  This ad took months to produce, but most of that time was spent training Bolt to get him comfortable wearing the fat suit.


I was only able to find a sneak peek of another dog Super Bowl ad.  This one is for a shoe company and it features a tiny  French Bulldog named Mr. Quiggly wearing Skechers sneakers to gain a competitive edge racing some Greyhounds.

Whether you’ll be watching for the commercials or for the actual game, enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!

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