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Attention All Shelter Workers!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if all of the animals in every shelter had their very own video? Videos really bring out the personality of the animals, making it much more likely they will be adopted. Who can resist this cutie?

It costs no more to post a video than to post a still, and they make such a bigger impact! Please consider putting up videos of all your animals – maybe it will increase your adoption rates!

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Tonight’s the Night: Join the ASPCA as we finish out National Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month

Join the ASPCA in a live Ustream event TONIGHT from 7 to 8 p.m. when veterinarians and behaviorists will be chatting and answering your best pet questions. A Halloween costume contest will also be held, with prizes being awarded in several categories.

Be there or be square!

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Mourning the loss of a dog

Another great song and video from friend-of-the-blogger Randi Breese. She describes her new song, “Colors Fill the Sky” this way: I wrote this song in hopes that it would bring healing to those that have lost a beloved pet. We love them as much as any other family member and miss them terribly when they are gone.

Great job, as always Randi! I love the part about our dogs waiting for us in heaven.

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Super Bowl Ads Have Gone to the Dogs

As I’m sure everyone already knows, this weekend is the big game, the Super Bowl.  While I’m not much of a football fan I do look forward to the funny and creative ads aired on Super Bowl Sunday.  Of course if the ads include dogs so much the better!

There will be several ads aired featuring dogs this Super Bowl.  Here is a sneak preview.

First up is this Suzuki sled-dog themed ad featuring 8-year-old Husky Nitro tapping his paw to the beat:

Another Super Bowl dog ad is for Volkswagen, featuring 3-year-old Saint Bernard and Australian Shepherd mix Bolt (in a fat-suit!) inspired by a car to slim down and get healthy.  He even hits a treadmill!  Continue reading Super Bowl Ads Have Gone to the Dogs