Mourning the loss of a dog

Another great song and video from friend-of-the-blogger Randi Breese. She describes her new song, “Colors Fill the Sky” this way: I wrote this song in hopes that it would bring healing to those that have lost a beloved pet. We love them as much as any other family member and miss them terribly when they are gone.

Great job, as always Randi! I love the part about our dogs waiting for us in heaven.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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6 thoughts on “Mourning the loss of a dog”

  1. Thank you so much. What a beautiful song. We had to put two of our three shelties down about 2 months ago. It was about 2 weeks apart. That was really hard. Both dogs were 12yrs. Codee has liver failure, grand mal seizure. Joe has end stage cushion dx. our house is so quiet. we are blessed to have camie. Today my sister had to put her boston terrier down.. So our hearts are heavy from the loss of our loved pets

  2. I lost my girl, Sammy about a month ago. She was 14 and my best friend. I was with her till the end,Im grateful for that. My heart still aches for her. I will keep the thought of her being happy and waiting for me,so we may cross over the bridge together.

  3. I lost my little Prissy a few months ago, she was 12 years old, She was such a smart and loving little dog, When I had surgery last year she stayed right by my side, she knew something wasn’ t right with her mommy, Oh how I miss her, I long for her so. I am so lonely without her. She became sickly around Thanksgiving and just didn’t get any better, I came home from work and found her gone to heaven, I wished I would of stayed home that day from work, I regret that so much, that she died alone……….

  4. Love the song I just lost my little boy he was only 11 long Hair Chihuahua miss him every day and so does his friend Jenny she is my other baby it is a sad home they fill are lives with love

  5. My Ex and I have shared a miniature Dachshund for the last 12 years. His name is Picasso. Picasso is my first dog and he was diagnosed with tumors in his spleen and stomach. He has stopped eating and it’s time to stop his pain. We are taking him to the vet tomorrow and I am so sad. Thanks for this wonderful song.

  6. That was really a beautiful song and video. Thanks so much for sharing that with us. My Leo is 8 years old now. I got him when he was 3 years old. I can’t believe how quickly five years have passed. He’s in great health, a mixed breed and about 27 pounds – so hopefully, I’ll still have many more wonderful years with him. But I just dread the day when he’ll no longer be by my side (as he is right now as I type this). But I do believe that we will be reunited with our beloved pets on the other side, and this video was very comforting. Thank you.

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