Tuesday’s Top Ten: Dog Songs

This week’s top ten topic:  Top Ten Dog Songs.  I’ve tried to hit many genres here, but I’m sure I’ve missed some.  The order in which I’ve ranked them probably has more to do with my personal tastes than with anything about musical skill, but many of these are classics.  Do you have a favorite song about your best friend?  Send us a comment below and let us know!


10.  Dog Eat Dog by AC/DC


9.  Gonna Buy Me a Dog by The Monkees


8.  Hey Bulldog by the Beatles


7.  Who Let the Dogs Out by Baha Men (sorry, I live close enough to Cleveland to have to include this Browns’ theme song on the list!)


6.  Doggie Dog World by Snoop Dog (I’ve never heard of it, but my kids say it’s “da bomb!”)


5.  How Much is that Doggie in the Window by Patti Page


4.  Me and You and a Dog Named Boo by Lobo


3.  Hound Dog by Elvis (as well as by many others)


2.  Ol’ Red by Blake Shelton (This is a really cute song about how a convict trains the warden’s scent hound to go one direction, then escapes in the other direction.)


1.  OK, so this one’s not really about a dog, but it’s a cool song, nonetheless:  Puppy Love by the Osmonds. 


Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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9 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top Ten: Dog Songs”

  1. The “Old Blue” traditional of Burl Ives is from his album “Return of the Wayfaring Stranger”.
    The lyrics go:

    I had an old dog and his name was Blue
    And I’ll betcha 5 dollars he’s a good ‘un, too
    Sayin’ come on Blue, hmmm.

    Blue chased a possum up a cinammon tree
    Blue looked at the possum, possum looked at me
    Sayin’ come on Blue, hmmm.

    I baked that possum good and brown
    And I laid them sweet potatoes round and round
    Sayin’ come on Blue, you can have some, too.

    Old Blue died, and he died so hard
    That he shook the ground in my back yard
    So I dug his grave with a silver spade
    And I let him down with a golden chain
    Sayin’ go on Blue, I’m a comin’, too.

    When I get to heaven, first thing I’ll do
    I’ll grab my horn and I’ll call for Old Blue
    Sayin’ come on Blue, I finally got here, too.
    Sayin’ come Old Blue, I finally got here, too.

  2. Is that the one that talks about “Master, I hear you callin’. My heart cries out to you. And still I hear you calliin’ Blue?” Love that song! We sang it in Girl Scouts, but I never knew it was from Burl Ives. Thanks for the info, Marlene!

  3. Nothing moves me more than the beautiful song by Burl Ives “Old Blue”, about a devoted dog and an equally devoted owner.

  4. hey i just wanna say that all of these dog songs (wel most of them) are really good songs and im a BIG dog fan and there is nothing else i would recomend for this list it is perfect

  5. How could you forget “Bitch is Back”, “Snoopy and the Red Baron”, and the dogs who bark along to “Jingle Bells”??????

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