Dog Thrown Into 1 meter Pit Buried Alive Lives

IOL News reports “one of the worst reported cases of animal abuses in Cape Town yet” has had a miracle ending.

Rescue teams work feverishly to dig Warrior from under 1.5 meters of dirt

This photo from the Mdzanada Animal Clinic and IOL News shows rescuers have cleared about about a meter of dirt, revealing the dog’s head after receiving an anonymous tip.

Rescuers have aptly named the ever fighting pooch “Warrior”.

Two men have been arrested yesterday. Warrior is reportedly fine and in good condition.

Read the full story of the courageous veterinarians and Mdzanada Animal Clinic here who saved this beautiful animal like an American SWAT team TV show here.

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One thought on “Dog Thrown Into 1 meter Pit Buried Alive Lives”

  1. Warrior is a lucky dog to have been saved on time by compassionate people.
    They make up for the cruelty of others who hopefully will be duly prosecuted.
    Warrior had a bewildered look about him – wondered what he thought?
    Hopefully some loving person will take the responsibility of caring for him as he truly deserves it.

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