Massively Overcrowded Shelters

Gretchen is among the 40 dogs seized from a Berclair residence on June 6. (Photo: Memphis Animal Services)

Two stories have come across my inbox in the past week about shelters who are getting buried with massive intakes. Please help if you can.

First, from Miami-Dade Animal Services:

Yesterday our team rescued 99 dogs and five cats from a property in South Dade. These pets were victims of neglect and rescued by Miami-Dade Animal Services from inhumane conditions. The dogs are small to medium size Shih Tzu, Basset Hound and terrier mixes.

The animals will be examined by the vets at our clinic in Doral and provided medical attention, housed and assessed for adoption and rescue.

We are committed to saving every pet possible, and we will need your help in the coming days finding homes for some of these dogs.

This is an ongoing investigation, and we’ll post updates on our page on the pets’ condition and availability for adoption when we have more information.

During the summer months, our population surges, so please spread the word about the need for adopters!

The second story comes from Memphis and was reported on a website called Commercial Appeal, part of the USA Today network.

The kennels at Memphis Animal Services were already full when Memphis police met MAS employees at a Berclair residence on Thursday.

But when the two agencies discovered 40 dogs living on the property, most of them trapped in cages with thick layers of feces coating the bottom, MAS went from full to bursting with canines needing temporary and permanent placement.

Once inside, rescuers found 28 dogs living in the house, 11 dogs in the garage and one dog in the backyard. Most of them, Pugh believed, were suffering from acute kennel distress from being trapped inside their cages for undetermined amounts of time.

One dog, to Pugh’s eye, had chewed off its tail in its confusion. Another was trapped in a cage with fecal matter up to its elbow.

If you’re considering adding a new family member, please consider adopting from a shelter. If you’re not in the Memphis or Miami areas, you can go to their websites to donate money or supplies to help care for these dogs.


Memphis Wish List

Miami-Dade donations page

Please help if you can!

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