Update on Chance, the dog abused in Michigan

chance_dog  I posted yesterday about Chance, a dog found by the side of the road after being horribly abused.  As it turns out, the man who rescued Chance from the side of the road is a contractor for AEP, where I work my day job.  (Byron Tate works at AEP’s Cook Plant.)   The rescue has been given lots of space on our in-house website, and today I found out that another AEP employee saw Chance when she took her own dog to the vet.

From the AEP Intranet:

“I had to take my dog to our vet yesterday for her heartworm and what did I see popping his head over the counter in the vet’s office? Chance!

“He was heavily bandaged where they removed his leg but he was alert and greeting people and animals as they passed by. Talking with the receptionist she said that he’s made a miraculous recovery and was happy and moving around the day after surgery! He’s doing so well that they will begin his inoculations and increasing his calorie intake.

“He’s truly been given a second ‘chance’ thanks to Mr. Tate. The vet technician said the support from the community has been phenomenal and asked that I take back a message to the people at Cook that Chance is doing great!

“Once he’s back to his normal weight and recovered from his injuries, he’ll be adopted by a good, loving family. And there have been LOTS of families asking to adopt, myself included!

“It’s incredible how a dog that so mistreated can still be loving and sweet to humans. A lesson we could all learn from.”

It’s good to know that Chance is making a full recovery.  Evidently, on the same day Chance was brought to the Humane Society, a red Pit Bull was also brought in after horrible abuse.  More info here.  The Pit is currently in guarded condition, but public support has been so overwhelming for Chance that there was enough money left over to treat the Pit as well.  A happy outcome all around.

Update posted 7/29/10.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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One thought on “Update on Chance, the dog abused in Michigan”

  1. You know I don’t mean to be rude but you people also need to consider that there might have been two sides to Chance’s story. Chance may have had a very loving family. That would have done anything for him. So don’t judge unless you want to be judged.The reason I say this is because January 23, 2010 our worst nightmare came true. We had two beautiful male dogs come up missing, one was a redbone coondog that we finally found deceased on the side of Mt. Parkway in Ky on March 4. He would have been 3 yrs. old in May and he was very much part of our family and well fed,wormed and so on. The other is a male dalmatian that we still haven’t found but are desperately looking for. We believe a neighbor kid let them out or someone picked them up thinking they were strays. They did have a bad habbit of sliding under our fenced in yard. We patched every hole up we could find. Every time they got out we would load up in our trucks and find them not long after they went for a stroll, found them always. This time was very different and we have all been extremely upset since the day the went missing. We have done everything, like put flyers up,called the police station in two or three different counties, called all kinds of vets from here to the other side of Ky, called every Humane Society we could and have even went everywhere we could in our trucks as far as we could and we are still looking today. I even talked my fiance into getting internet to see would I could browse through or to see if maybe someone has him. I realize there is a possibility that he is in the shape that Chance was in and that kills my soul because that’s not how he was when he went missing. He weighed about 85lbs. and was spoiled rotten with love and food . My daughter just turned 8yrs. old March 11 and all she wanted was her Bones back and didn’t get her wish. You see she pretty much grew up with him( he’s 7 1/2 yrs. old) and that was her best bud. She has been very depressed since he’s been gone and it hurt really bad when we found Red in the middle of Mt. Parkway. My dogs have never traveled that far before and it makes me think that someone not knowing that these dogs were very well took care of, may have picked them up thinking they were strays and took them to a different town or county and tried to drop them off at some Humane Society where they did not belong in the first place. So don’t think that just because you see a dog on the side of the road it is being mistreated because it is thin and has scars or possibly dead because it just may have lost it’s sense of direction. Chance could have had a loveing family but they were scared to pick him up because they accidently got turned into the pet police. I mean think about it Obviously this dog had a family because he is greating people and animals. Abussed animals don’t do that. But anyway good luck with finding him a good home and he is very beautiful and if you find a male dalmatian out there somewhere. Please send me a picture if you can cause I will claim my family dog. Thank You and God Bless.

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